Strengthen Your Mind & Body

I started my fitness journey in 2018, I had just come out of school, loved to socialise, eat and drink whatever I wanted and stay up late. I developed bad habits and was upset to see what I was looking at in the mirror. I decided to make a change but I didn't know how. I did what any other misinformed/wannabe bodybuilder 19 year old would do, go into training 6 days a week following a Push/Pull/Legs program they found on the internet whilst eating chicken and rice twice a day. Did it work? For a period of time yes, yes it did. 

About 9 months into training I decided to go on a 'bulk' which consisted of fast food daily and mass gainer protein shakes, I put on weight, got stronger, was training harder than ever, sometimes ignoring rest days and training every day of the week. But then, apart from the training, I had fallen into my old habits again, I was eating and drinking whatever I wanted for the excuse being "I'm bulking". To make matters worse, I had damaged nerves in my lower back and glutes from poor squat and deadlift form. 

I decided to cut down my food and drinking, start physio recovery and seeked an online coach to direct me towards the goals I had set for myself. Within 6 months, I followed the plan and diet to a tee and lost a substantial amount of weight, but at times, I was confused with the process and my goals were often clouded.

I fell in love with powerlifting shortly after I left my first coach, the thought of lifting extreme amounts of weight was really rewarding and motivating. Powerlifting made me realise that mastering the basics of movement is the key to changing your body. Pair that with basic bodybuilding principles and movements and the combination between the two is seriously promising.

The industry is full of programs and coaching that basically promise you chiseled abs, a ripped torso and a noticeable V Taper. Do people actually achieve these promised results? Some might, but the majority of people will not for sole reason being their program and coaching is not specifically designed for them rather than a general population. 

This is where my passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals comes in. Use me as an example, I went around the gym for over 2 years pretending to know what I was doing in terms of training, programming and diet. Looking back at it, I was CLUELESS. I wasn't educated, I was misinformed, lost and stubborn. I don't want others to have to experience this, I would have gotten to where I am today so much quicker if I had initially sought professional help/guidance and stuck to that plan. I want to save you the time and effort, I want you to accomplish your fitness goals with a training method and diet plan that is best suited to YOU, I want you to be confident performing a variety of squats, presses, pulls, etc. I want you to enjoy training and feel that every workout is a stepping stone to that end goal and a better you.

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